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XP 2112 in the river of Bulgaria.

XP 2112 is a Canadair CL-215 amphibious flying boat, used by the Expendables team.

Real life[]

In real life, the contracted plane for the movies is a CL-215 belonging to the Turkish Aeronautical Association, registration TC-TKZ, construction number 1026. It was formerly C-GBXQ as a Province of Ontario waterbomber, and formerly I-SRMC under Sorem ownership.

This type of plane is used for waterbombing, cargo airlift, search-and-rescue and maritime patrol.

Expendables aircraft[]

The plane is a heavily modified version of the CL-215, with installed front firing cannon, front firing miniguns. A rear cargo hatch is installed, as well as waterbombing doors, though without the water tanks.

The plane is used as an aerial gunship, ground attack (strafing) aircraft, bomber, and troop transport.

In the middle of The Expendables 2, the aircraft is destroyed in a deployment under fire combat drop operation, attacking the Sang mining operation. At the time, the plane was approximately 60 years old.

At the end of The Expendables 2, the aircraft is replaced with Mr. Church's gift, of a former Soviet Antonov An-2 biplane, registration GZ-1162.