Wesley Snipes
Birthdate July 31, 1962
Birthplace Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Character Doc
IMDB profile

Wesley Snipes is an American actor best known for 90s Action films (similar to Steven Seagal's) such as Passenger 57, Demolition Man (with Stallone), Rising Sun, Money Train, The Art of War and Chaos (with Jason Statham). He is also known for the successful Marvel Comics-adapted Blade trilogy where he played the former bloodsucker-turned-vampire hunter.

He has trained in martial arts since the age of seven, starred in successful dramas and comedies, and in recent years, much like Jean-Claude Van Damme, he has starred in mostly favorable or mixed-reviewed DTV, Romanian-filmed action films that still showcase this action-saavy self. He recently appeared in the 2009-released crime drama Brooklyn's Finest and 2010 martial arts actioner Game of Death (with Gary Daniels and Robert Davi).

Producer Avi Lerner has wanted Snipes to join the cast of The Expendables (series) franchise for quite some time now but due to a five-year prison sentence due to failure and refusal to pay back withheld taxes, Snipe's presence in the upcoming film seemed ambiguous at first but was confirmed after he was recently released and put in home arrest for the remainder of his sentence.


He play Doc the Surgeon in third film as a former criminal that have crime that Barney bail him out to aid the team against Conrad Stonebanks. It possibility he is going be in fourth film as well.