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View of the Vilena in the movie.

Vilena is a very small island country in South America where rogue CIA agent James Munroe was seizing power in General Garza's area. It has a population of only six thousand people, and is the main location of the objectives for the mercenaries in the first movie.

History Edit

It becomes the battleground for a freedom and tyranny conflict when Garza's militia leaves the impression of local thugs and mob enforcers as opposed to being keepers of the peace. Vilena appears to be a very poor third world country, with rather old military equipment, collapsing infrastructure, a majority of its citizens living in poverty, and what was described as a "half-assed government," which was quickly overthrown by General Garza, who established himself as the leader.

The country was presumably a democracy before Garza took over, and during the time of the movie, it is ruled under Garza's dictatorship, although it is clear that Munroe was truly in charge of the country, as he was using it as a front for his drug operation. Like most third world countries, it is presumed that even before Garza took over, all the country's money was being hoarded by the government, given the contrast between the government's palace and the poor civilian infrastructure.

However, this all changed when The Expendables visited the country and eliminated James Munroe and all of Garza's militia, putting an end to Garza's tyrannical rule and allowing Garza's daughter Sandra to restore the country.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • There is, of course, no real country of Vilena.
  • Scenes that were filmed in Vilena were filmed at various locations in Brazil. Guanabara Bay is the filming location for most coastal scenes.
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