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Eenie [shoots] meenie [shoots] miney [shoots] moe! [shoots]
—Trench's bio.

Trent "Trench" Mauser is an estranged, former mercenary teammate of Barney Ross.


For reasons unknown, Trench Mauser and Barney Ross parted ways after collaborating as partners for many years. Trench Mauser went on to form a rival group of mercenaries, though his unparalleled skill sets allow him to take on deadly operations alone.

Reunion with Barney Ross

Many years later, Trench Mauser is contacted by Mr. Church along with Ross himself about a mission to Vilena to assassinate rogue CIA officer James Munroe (though they believe they will be targeting General Garza). Trench Mauser playfully teases Barney Ross throughout the entire meeting until claiming to be busy and suggests that Mr. Church give the job to Barney Ross before leaving.

Rescue in Nepal

Trench: I hate owing you.
Ross: Well you do big boy.
Trench Mauser and Barney Ross talk after Trench is rescued.

Trench Mauser is rescued along with the billionare doctor by the Expendables and in turn owes a debt to Barney Ross. After being rescued, Trench Mauser leaves to reunite with his own team.

Rescuing and aidding the Expendables

I'm back!
—Trench to the team after rescuing them

Expendables 2 pose.jpg

Trench Mauser rescues the Expendables while they are trapped in a cave (paying his debt to Barney Ross). After rescuing them, he and Mr. Church join the Expendables in their battle against Jean Vilain. Killing hordes of Sangs alongside Mr. Church, he also fights alongside Booker. After the battle, he says goodbye to Barney Ross and leaves with Mr. Church, Booker and Maggie.

Conflicting against Stonebanks

Trench Mauser played a major role in The Expendables 3. He showed concern for Hale Caesar in the hospital. Afterwards, he and Barney Ross carried out the Conrad Stonebanks mission in Romania, staying behind to guard the landing site. He was also afraid that Conrad Stonebanks would come after him, so he hid until the final confrontation with Conrad Stonebanks. He went with Yin Yang and Max Drummer to the battle scene, where they came to the aid of the Expendables that were trapped in an old abandoned building that was about to be demolished by C4 explosives that had been set up by Conrad Stonebanks. Eventually, the mission succeeded and Conrad Stonebanks was killed. He and the other Expendables celebrated at the bar, waiting for the next mission.

The Expendables 4

Coming Soon...


Trench appears to be extremely skilled. He often takes on large scale operations without a team, capable of surviving almost anything. He tend to joke a lot throughout the films.


Behind the Scenes



The Expendables

Trench: "Hey, why don't we have dinner?"

Barney: "Sure, when?"

Trench: "In a thousand years."

Barney: "Too soon."

The Expendables 2

  • "This is Embarrassing...."
  • Trench: "I need a weapon. A Big One!"/Hale: "If I don't get it back, your ass is terminated!

Trench:"In your dream."

  • "I'm back!"
  • "My shoe bigger than this car."
  • "Who's next? Rambo?"
  • Trench: "I'm almost out. I'll be back."/Church: "You've been back enough! I'll be back!"
  • Trench: "Yippee Ki Yay."

The Expendables 3

  • "I'm the guy that just save your ass."
  • "Good morning. Let's get to the chopper!"
  • "You know your pride is gonna get you killed"