Sandra Garza
Name: Sandra Garza
Status: Active
Age: 31
Date of birth: October 3, 1981
Nationality: South American
Residence(s): Vilena
Father: General Garza
Played by: Giselle Itié
Films: The Expendables
First appearance: The Expendables
Last appearance: The Expendables

Film Biography Edit

Sandra Garza is the daughter of General Garza. She has a strong resentment of her father's dictatorship and was willing to act as an informant for the Central Intelligence Agency to overthrow him. All that is known about her is that she is an artist and had a strong sense of nationalism for Vilena. She encounters Barney Ross and Lee Christmas and leads them to the palace perimeter. However, her activities bring the ire of her father, as well as of James Munroe. Ross and Christmas attempt to leave the country with Sandra, but Sandra remains behind instead, getting captured by Munroe and tortured.

Leaving Sandra behind left Ross guilt-ridden enough to attempt a rescue operation on his own, although she was unaware that Ross brought his entire Expendables team to save her. Even General Garza starts to feel very guilty of letting his daughter grind her butt into Matt Cochran's face. Because of this, General Garza finally declares enough and decides to take responsibility. He then returns the payroll money back to Munroe after having Sandra released, demanding Munroe and his henchmen to leave the island. When Munroe refused, Garza had his bodyguards to restrain Munroe. Garza then apologizes to Sandra for his greed against their people, admitting that he is proud of her of what she is that he should've become. It was then Sandra finally sees the true man her father really is on the inside. Garza then address his troops to rebel against Munroe and his men to save their country. Unfortunately, Munroe takes the opportunity to kill Garza and his bodyguards, much to Sandra's shock. Following the final battle, Munroe takes Sandra hostage and attempts to escape with her and the payroll money, only for Ross and Christmas to successfully kill him, saving Sandra. In the aftermath, Ross gives Sandra the contract money from the mission to help restore the country.

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