Ronda Rousey
Expendables 3 actesss Ronda Rousey
Birthdate February 1, 1987
Birthplace Riverside County, California, U.S.
Character Luna
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Ronda Rousey (born February 1, 1987) is an MMA fighting champion-turned-actress who made her feature debut as the character Luna in 2014's The Expendables 3.

Rousey was trained by Steven Seagal's former master Gene Lebell, previously practiced Judoka and became an undefeated UFC fighter (a position similar to Randy Couture's early career) as well as the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. Rousey made her second film appearance in 2015's Fast and Furious 7 (which co-stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham and is scored by Brian Tyler)


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