The Kill Count page is intended to keep track of every kill in The Expendables series of films and comic books.


The Expendables

There is a total of 221 kills in the 2010 film The Expendables.

Kill Count by Character

Kill Count Breakdown by Scene

Warning Shot: 19

  • Gunnar blows the pirate leader in half via grenade launcher
  • Barney shoots 11 pirates (7 shared with Lee and 6 shared with Yang & Toll)
  • Gunnar shoots another pirate
  • Barney shoots 6 pirates on the ground (2 shared with Lee's throwing knives)

Palace: 3

  • Munroe shoots a thief who stole from them
  • Garza shoots the other 2 men

Field: 16

  • Barney shoots the squad leader
  • Lee stabs 1 soldier
  • Barney shoots 2 soldiers
  • Lee cuts 1 soldier
  • Barney shoots 2 soldiers while upside down
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier’s throat
  • Lee cuts up 2 soldiers
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 more soldier’s throat
  • Barney throws a knife into 1 soldier
  • Lee slices 1 soldier
  • Barney breaks 1 soldier’s neck
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier’s back
  • Barney shoots 1 soldier

Vilena Escape: 49

  • Barney shoots 2 customs guards
  • Barney shoots the customs agent
  • Lee mows down 37 soldiers with the carrier plane's machine guns
  • Lee ignites the gasoline soaked bridge using a flare gun, blowing up 9 soldiers

Road Chase: 6

  • Yang shoots 1 hitman in another car
  • Gunnar crashes an SUV, killing the 2 hitmen inside
  • Barney causes a second SUV to crash into an oncoming truck, killing another 2 hitmen inside
  • Gunnar stomps his annoying partner to death inside his car

Planting The Charges: 4

  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier’s neck
  • Caesar slices 1 soldier with a razor offscreen
  • Caesar breaks 1 soldier’s neck (cut-away)
  • Lee stabs 1 soldier in the shadows

Rescuing Sandra: 2

  • Barney decapitates 1 soldier with his knife
  • Barney stabs 1 soldier in the throat

Tunnel Showdown: 35

  • Lee shoots 2 soldiers
  • Yang breaks 1 soldier’s neck with his legs
  • Lee shoots 1 soldier
  • Lee slices-and-dices 1 soldier
  • Yang stabs a soldier with that man's own machete
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier’s face
  • Yang kicks down and breaks The Brit's neck
  • Toll shoots 2 soldiers
  • Lee and Toll shoot 1 soldier together
  • Lee shoots another soldier
  • Caesar mows down 17 soldiers with an AA-12
  • Caesars guns down 6 more soldiers 

New Leadership: 3

  • Munroe shoots Garza, casuing him to fall off a balcony
  • Paine and Munroe each shoot one of Garza's bodyguards

Big Finale: 84

  • Lee and Barney each shoot 2 soldiers
  • Caesar and Toll each shoot 1 soldier 
  • Caesar headshots 2 gunners
  • Toll shoots 1 soldier by the same gun-nest
  • Lee blows up 1 soldier with a grenade while Toll shoots another in the background
  • Toll shoots 2 more soldiers in a tower
  • Yang mows down 2 soldiers by a tent
  • Barney shoots 2 soldiers
  • Two soldiers seen being mowed down presumably by Barney in the background while Lee and Toll blow up 1 soldier in the background with grenades
  • Yang shoots 2 more soldiers in the tents
  • Lee shoots 2 more soldiers
  • Toll shoots 1 soldier
  • Caesar blows up 2 gunners in a tower with his AA-12
  • Barney shoots 1 soldier in the distance
  • Caesar blows up another tower with 2 gunners
  • Lee shoots 2 gunners
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier while shooting another soldier   
  • Barney shoots 5 soldiers non-stop with his pistol
  • Yang shoots 1 soldier in their tent
  • Lee throws a knife into 1 soldier’s throat
  • Lee shoots 1 soldier
  • Yang shoots 1 more soldier in the tent
  • Barney shoots 2 soldiers both at the same time with pistols
  • Yang blows up a stream of gasoline with a grenade, blowing up 13 soldiers in the blast
  • Lee shoots 1 soldier while beating up another
  • Yang mows down 13 soldiers (cut-away)
  • Barney shoots 5 soldiers via akimbo pistols while inside a jeep
  • Lee shoots 3 soldiers while still fighting another minion
  • Toll throws Paine into a pile of fire and finishes him off with a punch to the face
  • Caesar throws his razor into 1 soldier’s throat
  • Barney shoots Caesar’s thrown artillery shell and blows up Munroe’s helicopter, killing the pilot inside (shared kill)
  • Barney shoots Munroe while Lee throws a knife through Munroe's heart (shared)

408px-The Expendables 2 theatrical poster.jpeg

The Expendables 2

There is a total of 489 kills in the 2012 sequel The Expendables 2.

Kill Count by Character

Kill Count Breakdown by Scene

Nepal Opening: 245

  • Lee mows down 2 soldiers with the armored van's guns
  • 9 more soldiers gunned down by Lee
  • Barney rams down a gate, crushing 2 soldiers upon impact
  • 5 more soldiers shot down by Lee
  • 7 other soldiers gunned to death by Lee (two of them are barely visible in background)
  • 5 more soldiers meet their maker thanks to Lee
  • Barney shoots 5 soldiers with his sidearm
  • Caesar blows up 3 soldiers via rocket launcher
  • Gunnar shoots 9 soldiers
  • Barney shoots 10 more soldiers
  • Yin guns down 3 soldiers in the watchtower
  • Yin blows up 3 more soldiers in another tower
  • Toll guns down 7 soldiers
  • Caesar blows up 4 guys in a tower
  • Lee shoots at a gas tank, encasing a jeep with 2 passengers in an explosion
  • Lee shoots down 2 more soldiers
  • Caesar fires another rocket, blowing up at least 1 soldier
  • Lee shoots another jeep with 2 on-board
  • Yin shoots 4 rebels inside their lair
  • Barney causes a motorcycle to scoot up a ramp and crash into a helicopter, blowing up 1 pilot on-board
  • Caesar shoots down 4 guys with his AA-12
  • Yin stabs a soldier in the face repeatedly
  • Yin shoots a soldier with only one in the pistol chamber left
  • Yin bashes 8 guys each in the head with frying pans
  • Lee throws a knife at one goon
  • Billy snipes 6 soldiers while Barney does a cowboy firing pose
  • Yin shoots down 1 soldier
  • Caesar blow up a water tower support, causing all 8 soldiers to be flooded off a building to their deaths
  • Barney, Lee & Caesar shoot 1 soldier each while rappelling on a wire
  • Toll guns down 2 soldiers while he rappels on a wire
  • Lee kicks a soldier off of an incoming tower support
  • Barney shoots 2 more soldiers while rappelling
  • Caesar and Barney each shoot 1 more while they rappel
  • Yin shoots shoots the driver of a jeep, causing the vehicle to crash and kill the gunner when it flips
  • Lee shoots another soldier on a nearby tower
  • Barney guns down 6 more soldiers cowboy-style
  • Gunnar and Yin each shoot a gunner on an enemy boat
  • Billy snipes 2 enemy boat soldiers
  • A soldier crashes aforementioned boat into a nearby platform
  • Lee blow up two enemy boats (with three guys on each) using the gunship's artillery
  • Billy snipes 2 boat soldiers with one shot
  • Billy snipes 3 others (2 are on a separate boat)
  • Lee and Billy kill 1 soldier each
  • Approximately 63 soldiers + an additional 15 troops on the left interior blown up on the dock blockade when Lee launches a missile from the gunship's cannon

Murder in Albania: 1

  • Vilain roundhouse kicks a knife into Billy's heart

Albania Mines Intro: 5

  • 4 workers bodies seen (all dead from being exhausted)
  • Hector shoots an exhausted worker

Albania Street Battle: 48

  • Gunnar mows down 2 Sangs
  • Barney shoots 2 Sangs with his pistol
  • Caesar shoots 2 Sangs with his pistol
  • Barney shoots another Sang
  • Maggie shoots a Sang with her pistol
  • Barney shoots another Sang while talking on his cellphone
  • Gunnar shoots another Sang
  • Toll shoots a Sang with his Uzi
  • Barney shoots another Sang (partially off-screen)
  • Toll and Caesar each shoot a Sang
  • Barney shoots a Sang with only one round left
  • An unseen Booker mows down at least 30 remaining Sangs + a Tank with at least 3 people inside it

Church/Village Battle: 26

  • Lee stabs a Sang in the church
  • Maggie kills at least 2 Sangs by repeatedly clubbing them with a hammer to the face
  • Lee throws a knife at another Sang
  • Barney shoots 4 Sangs repeatedly with his pistol
  • Gunnar shoots a Sang who he tossed onto the ground
  • Lee stabs a Sang with another Sang's knife & then kills the other Sang
  • Maggie shoots a Sang with another Sang's rifle
  • Gunnar shoots another Sang
  • Caesar slams a Sang against a wooden support, fatally breaking the man's back (the impact sounded brutal enough)
  • Toll shoots a wounded Sang on the ground
  • Caesar shoots a wounded Sang on the ground with his shotgun
  • Lee kills 3 Sangs each with a throwing knife
  • Barney shoots 3 Sangs in the background while Toll shoots at a soldier off-screen (a body is seen later)
  • Maggie shoots another Sang after breaking another Sang's neck
  • Toll, Barney, Gunnar & Caesar shoot 1 Sang together

The Sang's Mine Trap: 133

  • Hector pushes a worker down a shaft
  • Hector then shoots another worker, causing that man to fall down the same shaft
  • Lee blows up 6 Sang guards outside with the gunship's cannon.
  • At least 3 more Sangs blown up by a nearby truck explosion caused by Lee firing the cannon once more
  • Caesar drops a time bomb-container from the ship, blowing up 4 Sangs on the ground below
  • Toll, Barney & Lee shoot down 4 Sang exterminators
  • Gunnar, Maggie, Caesar & Lee kill at least 12 remaining Sang exterminators (due to so many camera angles being repeated/reused & after much studying, I'm going with this final number for accuracy reasons)

Airport Finale: 31

  • 3 Sangs are all mowed down together by Trench, Barney & Church
  • Another Sang is shot in the head by Trench, Barney & Church after being pushed into the line of fire by Hector (shared)
  • 2 other Sangs are shot in the background presumably by Barney (only his recognizable gun sound effect is heard while Trench is clearly facing opposite direction & hitting nothing)
  • Church and Trench shoot 1 Sang each
  • In the background, Barney is seen shooting down 2 Sangs and there are 3 dead Sangs corpses seen in Trench's vicinity
  • 1 Sang corpse and another Sang seen falling over in the background from Barney's general direction
  • Booker snipes a Sang
  • Barney shoots another Sang
  • Barney shoots a Sang on the stairway
  • Trench shoots 2 Sangs on the stairway
  • Church shoots 2 Sangs
  • Barney shoots 3 Sangs while going akimbo with pistols
  • Barney shoots another Sang
  • Booker shoots 2 more Sangs while strolling
  • Maggie guns down 3 Sangs in the store
  • The remaining 3 Sangs in the store are blown up with a grenade launcher by Gunnar
  • Barney shoots 2 more Sangs with his pistols
  • Booker throws a Sang out of a rooftop window & then guns down 5 Sangs on the ground below (please note that 1 of the Sang's flailing arms are the only thing indicating the man is dead)
  • 2 more Sangs shot by Booker
  • Toll shoots 2 Sangs
  • Caesar guns down 3 Sangs
  • Maggie shoots 3 more Sangs
  • Trench and Church shoot 5 Sangs together
  • Trench guns down 7 Sangs
  • Booker finishes off 2 more Sangs
  • Trench shoots 6 Sangs (please note that while it looks like Booker is shooting with him, he stops as soon as it cuts to a close-up of Trench)
  • Booker shoots the remaining 7 Sangs
  • Gunnar kicks a Sang off a railway to his death
  • Caesar shoots a Sang with a shotgun
  • Toll axes a Sang
  • Gunnar stabs a Sang in the chest with a knife
  • Caesar impales a Sang
  • Toll kills another Sang with an axe
  • Gunnar throws another "maggot" off the stairway
  • Caesar & Toll each kill 1 Sang by throwing their weapons at them
  • Trench guns down 2 more Sangs
  • Trench mows down 3 more Sangs while in Church's car
  • Church shoots 3 Sangs while driving his car
  • Church drives into a chair, sending it flying into a Sang at high velocity
  • Trench guns down 4 more Sangs while in the car
  • Church shoots 3 more while driving
  • Church rams his car hard into a Sang soldier
  • Booker guns down 8 more Sangs in the security scanning room
  • Lee throws a knife into a Sang
  • Lee slices-and-dices another Sang
  • Lee makes the soldier he just killed's weapon go off, killing another Sang
  • Lee kills 5 more Sangs using various knifing methods
  • Barney guns down 5 Sang cowboy-style
  • Lee decapitates Hector by pushing him into a helicopter propellor
  • Maggie shoots 2 more Sangs
  • Barney stabs Vilain with Vilain's own knife 


The Expendables 2 videogame

Impossible to completely determine given how you can play or switch off as any character and the number of enemies varies each time. Often, the highest kill score can be up to 232 or more.


The Expendables 3

There is a total of  kills in the 2014 film The Expendables 3.

Kill Count by Character

Kill Count Breakdown by Scene

European Train Escape:

Drug Cartel - Somalia Shipyards:

Stonebank's Romanian Hideout:

Van Escape:

Albania Finale:

Coming soon

The Expendabelles

There is a total of  kills in the film The Expendabelles.

Kill Count by Character

Kill Count Breakdown by Scene

Coming soon

The Expendables Comic Books

The Expendables Issue #1

Total Kills: 1
Total Kills (Series Total): 2
# Series # Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death Total kills by Character Total kills by Character in Series Media first mentioned/shown in Notes
1. 2. Guard #1 Shot in the head with a sniper rifle. Gunnar Jensen Yes 1 1 The Expendables Issue #1
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