Jet Li
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Birthdate April 26, 1963
Birthplace Beijing, China
Character Yin Yang
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Jet Li, original name Li Lianjie (born April 26, 1963, Beijing, China) is a film actor, film producer and Chinese martial artist who plays Yin Yang in The Expendables trilogy.

Early LifeEdit

Jet Li was raised by his single mother after his father died in his early childhood. He began studying wushu when he was eight and he began on the Beijing Wushu Team, where he performed in the All China Games. He regularly competed against adults even though he was a child. At the age of nine, he received an award at the first wushu competition held in China since the Cultural Revolution. Li then spent half of each day in training and half in school before he began to train full-time.

Acting CareerEdit

Because of his martial arts expertise, Jet Li became a hot commodity for action films and thriller films. He started out acting in Chinese films such as The Shaolin Temple Series, Once Upon a Time in China and Fist of Legend, and most famously, High Risk in 1995. He began acting in American films in 1998 when he debuted in Lethal Weapon 4.

Personal LifeEdit

Jet Li is a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. He married his first wife, Huang Qiuyan, in 1987 and they have two daughters. They divorced in 1990. He has been married to actress Nina Li Chi since 1999 and they also had two daughters together.

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