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Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong-turned-international hit martial arts movie star who has starred in several well-received comedies and action flicks. 

He is best known for franchises such as the Police Story (with Corey Yuen), Drunken Master, Rush Hour and Shanghai movies. Other winning favorites include The Forbidden Kingdom (with Jet Li), Shinjuku Incident, Little Big Soldier1911 and Chinese Zodiac.

As of Dec. 17th, 2012, he was confirmed for the third movie, but later backed out due to being overwhelmed by the large cast. Chan was also given yet another chance to appear in the upcoming The Expendables 4 film. He agreed on a condition that he is given a major role rather than a minor or a cameo and Chan doesn't mind playing the main villain. However, he lost that chance since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been chosen for that role.