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Hector is Jean Vilain's henchman and a psychopathic murderer, a member of the opposing team of mercenaries to the Expendables. Sadistic Hector is quick with a blade and loyal to the cause. He rivals Lee Christmas in martial arts and blade combat. He was portrayed by Scott Adkins.


Fighting the Expendables

Hector crosses paths with the Expendables while he is with Jean Vilain in Albania. Immediately taking a dislike of Lee Christmas after they exchange words he holds a knife to Billy "The Kid"'s chest as Jean Vilain roundhouse kicks it in. After leaving with Jean Vilain they find the plutonium and attempt to load it to planes and leave with it, but they are stopped by the expendables and their allies. Trying to buy some time Hector, Jean Vilain and their soldiers battle them. Hector fights Lee Christmas, but after a brief battle he is killed by Lee Christmas when he is punched into a helicopter's tail rotor, obliterating his head.