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Time to mow the lawn.
—Caesar's bio.

Hale Caesar (July 30, 1968) is the second strong man and Heavy Weapons Specialist of the Expendables. He is friends with Yin Yang and a close pal of Toll Road.


Loyal, jacked & quick with one-liners, Hale Caesar is feeling his best when handling an unfriendly crowd with a drum-loaded automatic shotgun.

The Expendables

Caesar while off-duty discussing the team's next operation.

Hale Caesar took part in saving the hostages in the Gulf of Aden, Somalia, as well as storming Garza's palace in Vilena, planting explosives in the mansion, as well as using his automatic shotgun to assist his team-mates. He also helps destroy Munroe's escape helicopter by throwing an artillery shell towards it for Barney Ross to shoot it, while detonating the remaining weapons cache in Garza's base.

The Expendables 2

Caesar prepped and ready prior to the airport shootout taking place

Hale Caesar accompanies Barney Ross throughout most of the movie. He takes part in (among other scenes) the battle in the airport which ends in the death of the movie's main antagonist. As in the original film, Hale Caesar's AA-12 shotgun is present but is taken from him at the beginning of the movie. In the airport scene of the movie, Hale Caesar uses a semi-automatic M1014 shotgun while also helping Toll Road and Gunner Jensen take out various terrorists on the second floor of the airport.

The Expendables 3

He is seen on a mission to aiding Barney Ross to taking out the leader that behind of the Mogadishu, Somalia drug cartel. When suddenly the target have appeared. The conflict seems very intense. While almost reaching at the dock where the entire group of The Expendables are preparing to escape. Suddenly a chopper appeared where he is shot by Conrad Stonebanks in the helicopter causing him to be injured with a leg and the back sprain with almost dying on it. As Conrad Stonebanks immediately to finish them by dropping the huge bomb by wiping them out. He is sever wounded leading to unconsciousness. While Barney Ross given him his lucky ring for wishing him to be awake. He was not seen until almost at the end of the film. When the entire team celebrated for the Mission Successful on killing Conrad Stonebanks in the final confrontation in Albania.

The Expendables 4

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Caesar tends to provide much needed comic relief at just the right moment.


  • According to Sylvester Stallone, Hale Caesar was originally going to die from his wounds in The Expendables 3, but Terry Crews 'pleaded' to have his character stay alive and his survival was shown in the final cut.