Gary Daniels
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Birthdate May 9, 1963
Birthplace London, England, UK
Character The Brit
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Gary Daniels is a British martial artist who starred in a mix of cult and low budget action films such as Hokuto no Ken, Capital PunishmentJackie Chan's City Hunter, Hawk's Revenge, Retrograde (with Dolph Lundgren) and Game of Death (with Wesley Snipes and Robert Davi). Most recently, the PAYDAY: Web Series as well as being the contractor of the PAYDAY 2.gary daniels best fighters korean actor ji chang wook and actor don the dragon wilson martial arts movie 2020

Behind the scene on ExpendablesEdit

In a 2010 article for the UK version of AskMen magazine, Daniels shared the following in a column he penned:

"I was working on the film for three months, five weeks in Rio de Janeiro and seven weeks in New Orleans. For the fight with Jet Li and Jason Statham, the choreography rehearsals started long before shooting in LA with the 8711 stunt team doing the choreography. The sessions even continued once we got to Brazil. As the script was changing, the choreography was constantly changing and as Mr Stallone built up my character, the story of the fight evolved. Once we got to New Orleans and Corey Yuen (The Transporter) arrived, he wanted to begin from scratch.

During all these sessions I never worked with Jet, only his stunt men so once we got to the set, Jet had his own ideas and the choreography was changed again."

"I train very hard whether I’m working or not. I’m usually in the gym training five or six days a week so I didn’t have to do any special training for this role in the physical sense. Being in shape will help you to deliver your best performance and help to avoid the risk of injury on the set. As I was not on set every day I had the opportunity to hit the gym on a regular basis so serious injuries could be avoided. I did take an axe kick to the face and got cut up and bruised from the fights but that is part and parcel of doing action films. If I didn’t get a few scrapes it wouldn’t feel like I’d been involved in a Sly Stallone film."

"When it was decided I would be fighting Jet Li, I had to spend some time working and rehearsing with Corey Yuen, who is also Jet Li's personal fight choreographer. There was a difference of opinion between the Chinese and American choreographers about how the fight should be staged so a happy medium had to be found. For me, it was a really interesting experience working with the two of them.I found Jet to be very intelligent in his ideas and Jason always gave 100% when it came to the fights."


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