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Chad Stahelski is the stunt coordinator for both Expendables movies. He is to blame for the death of Kun Liu, a stuntman who was killed following an poorly timed explosion stunt in the second film (the man was later dedicated to Liu following a lawsuit from the deceased man's parents).

He is a master of Jeet Kun Do/Jun Fanis; film credits include: Escape from L.A., Fist of the North Star (with Gary Daniels), Ghosts of Mars, Spider-Man 2, 300, Rambo (with Sylvester Stallone), Ninja Assassin and The Hunger Games movies.

He has doubled numerous times for Keanu Reeves as well following the successful Matrix trilogy. He also doubled for David Boreanaz on the hit TV show "Angel" (with Charisma Carpenter).

In the past, he has also been a stunt performer and second unit/assistant director.

Closing Interview Excerpt with Spire Magazine:[]

"We just finished up "The Expendables" with Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Stallone, Randy Couture, Steve Austin and those guys… which isn’t really a martial arts film, but was a lot of fun. And we got to do some movie type MMA in it, which was really cool. Other then that we have "The Mechanic" which is another movie which Jason Statham, which is going to be pretty interesting... but that’s it for right now."

Chad with JCVD, his double and Stallone's double while prepping a scene for the second film.