Booker Norris
Status: Alive
Age: 74
Date of birth: March 10, 1940
Birthplace: United States of America
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Lone-Mercenary
Played by: Chuck Norris
First appearance: The Expendables 2
Last appearance: The Expendables 2

Booker "The Lone Wolf" is a one-man military campaign. His “work” mainly involves the killing of Sang Soldiers. Many of them. His Signature Weapon of Choice is the HK G36K.


Aiding the Expendables

Booker: You're gonna need more men if you expect to get out of here alive.
Booker lays out some advice for the group if they want to survive the ordeal

Barney Ross and his team are cornered by a small army of sang soldiers in a small town. Booker saves the team by killing all of sangs as well as destroying their tank. After saving the team, Booker gives Ross some information on Jean Vilain as well as a village that hates the sangs. Booker turns down Barney Ross' offer to help the team stating that he "works alone."

When Barney Ross, his team, Mr. Church, and Trench Mauser engage Jean Vilain and his army of sangs in an airport, Booker joins in the battle, killing hordes of sangs. After the battle, having just lost his business he leaves with Mr. Church, Trench Mauser, and Maggie in a helicopter.


He works alone due to some past personal loss. Maybe because he's just overall better that way? It's unclear why exactly but it is clear that that is the way he likes to work. He has shown respect for Barney Ross and his team, as well as a personal friendship with Barney Ross. Enough to bother to risk his life to save Ross even though he wasn't hired at all, and enough to abandon his rule of working alone.

Behind the Scenes

Booker appears to be directly based on Chuck Norris, Being a stereotypical "Badass", being able to wipe out an entire company battalion of Mercenaries with ease. Booker's character is meant to play justice to Sphaghetti Westerns.

His name is also a reference to two Characters played by Norris. John T. Booker and J.J. "Lone Wolf" McQuade from Good Guys Wear Black and Lone Wolf McQuade respectively.


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