Antonio Banderas
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Birthdate 10 August, 1960
Birthplace Málaga, Andalucia,
Character Galgo
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José Antonio Domínguez Bandera  (born August 10, 1960) is a Spanish actor who arrived in the States in the early 90s and became a huge success with films like The Mambo Kings, Philadelphia, Desperado and The Mask of Zorro.

Recently, Avi Lerner, Stallone (who Banderas co-starred with in Assassins) and co. tried to get Antonio a role in the second film but Antonio couldn't fill time in his schedule for the role at the time so he didn't make the cut initially until the third movie went into production. Previously, Banderas starred in action films Zorro, Desperado trilogy, Assassins (with Stallone) as well as the noir thriller The Big Bang and Machete Kills (with Mel Gibson).

Expendables 3Edit

He play Galgo in the third film as a former Spain Armed Forces soldier that come to U.S to get more money by joining the team and help them to against Conrad Stonebanks.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • "I ran into Sly a couple of years ago in a parking lot here in Los Angeles [...] And he said to me, 'Man you have to come to the movie, 'cause you've done all these characters, Zorro, Desperado, and you have your audience and the Spanish market, and we worked together and we worked so good.' And that's true, when we did Assassins together years ago we got a great relationship and it was fun working with him and we got along. Ever since we kept our friendship, so when he saw me and said that I said to him, 'I don't want to be a villain, you have to call me to be a good guy, I don't want to be killed in reel #4.'"
  • "I see these movies not so much as a very realistic action stuff, I see them more as a wink of an eye towards the audience and I saw the possibility with my character to do comedy,"
  • "If you just throw (my character) talking in the middle of the army, the army just might surrender. All the comedy of the character is like a shield, to hide something a little bit deeper into that."
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