Albanian Armed Forces engaging the Expendables at the Detonating building.

The Albanian Armed Forces are the security forces of Albania. During in Yugoslavia War, they had occupied Kosovo to be independent away from Serbia with the collaboration of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is the final enemy forces serving Conrad Stonebanks after setting up the trap for the team at the abandoned building in demolition countdown, when the team recover their young group for being captured in Romania after the failed mission of capturing Stonebanks. The young manage to hack the satchel charge for the delay countdown in additional of twenty-five minute before the timer resume after the battery down. Stonebanks dispatch the Armed forces to dealt with them to end the mercenary once and for all. Their arsenal are multiple helicopter and tanks . Ultimately, they failed and leaving Stonebanks to finish the job by himself for dealing one-on-one with Barney Ross. In the end, their forces is throwing disarray after Stonebanks is killed as the building denotation figure reach zero.

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