Hale Caesar uses a AA12 with drum magazine and a flashlight attachment. The weapon is first loaded with normal rounds, later Caesar switches to FRAG-12 explosive rounds. In the Expendables 2 Hale Caesar and Trench Mauser are both seen using the AA12 shotguns fitted with weaponlights and drum magazines. Ceasar uses an AA-12 with a CQB barrel in The Expendables 2 Video Game.
Aa12 mps
Frag 12 rounds
What happened
Hale aiming
Close up aa12
Destroying watch tower with aa12
Behind the scenes
Aa12 12 gauge
Caesar holding aa12
Hale firing aa12 at hostiles
Trench firing aa12
Trench aa12 out window
Terry crews aa12 poster
Trench with aa12 poster
Aa12 mps
Ceaser battling bad guy
Shooting aa12
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